History Association of Polish Pastellists

The Association of Polish Pastellists was established in 1995 in Nowy Sącz by the participants and laureates of prior Polish Pastel Exhibitions. An artistic organisation of nationwide range was established.

The purpose of the Association of Polish Pastellists is to diversify and, together with the Malopolska Art Exhibition Office, jointly hold All Polish Biennal Pastel Exhibition in Nowy Sącz, .In addition, a further purpose is to propagate and develop Pastel Painting in Poland and abroad also by promoting its own members.

Currently, the Association, in accordance with the provisions of its Statute, unites more than 200 artists,. The Association organises plein-air painting meetings (i.a. in Krynica, Nowy Sącz, Dobrzyń, Grudziądz, Mielec, Nieszawa, Kransobród), and exhibitions. It also supports charitable events, e.g. auctions, social initiatives, etc.

The Association has joined the initiative for "Art for the Peace in Europe", that has been organised by the St.Anastasia Committee. The Association supported the initiative by gathering together, form across Poland, new Polish paintings that have been painted in different techniques.. The paintings were afterwards given to the Srema Museum in Sremska Mitroviza. These paintings will be displayed in Russia and Italy as a memento of the St.Anastasia cult.

The Association of Polish Pastellists organises plein-air painting meetings in different parts of Poland. This helps its members and invited guests to undertake artistic confrontation and to spend their free time creatively, surrounded by beautiful nature. In 2007 three Plein-air Painting Meetings (in Obrzyck, Nieszawa and Kamianna) were organised. The Association is planning to organise plein-air painting meetings in 2008 in Nieszawa and Kamianna.