Sobota, 31 Październik 2009 14:34

Objectives of the Association of Polish Pastellists

  1. development and promotion of Pastel Painting in Poland,
  2. propagation and presentation of Polish Pastel Painting in the world,
  3. promotion and protection of the works of the members of the Association,
  4. organisation and creation of a market for Pastel Painting in Poland,
  5. cooperation with similar organisations in Europe and around the world,
  6. cooperation with the Union of Polish Artists and with other associations and artistic unions,
  7. creating circumstances for friendly and social bonds between members of the Association,
  8. cooperation with the Malopolska Art Exhibition Office in Nowy Sącz to prepare All-Polish Pastel Exhibitions,
  9. support and cooperation with the District Museum in Nowy Sącz to develop an All-Polish Pastel Collection,
  10. creating proactively the centre of the European Pastel Painting in Malopolska Province and in other attractive places in Poland,

The Association attains its objectives by the following programme:

  • propagation of Pastel Paintings in the media and in schools,
  • attempt to publish our own newspaper or magazine, including issues devoted to the technique of Pastel Painting, information about the Association and its members-artists, and perhaps news about other fields of art and similar associations,
  • conducting Pastel Painting workshops by teachers of art, who are, themselves,  members of the Association,
  • supporting the organisation of exhibitions for Laureates and celebrities of All-Polish Pastel Exhibitions,
  • supporting the publication of catalogues of the individual and collective Pastel Exhibitions,
  • recommendations for the most distinguished artists to participate in International Pastel Exhibitions,
  • publication of information about artists? achievements  and members? exhibitions,
  • attestation of artistic activity, the recommendation of candidates for rewards, and prizes to appropriate institutions,
  • establishing the ?Prize of the Association?, awarded during the All-Polish Pastel Exhibition or at other prestigious exhibitions,
  • participation in Fairs of Art and other important national and international exhibitions,
  • organising Collectors? Pastel Clubs
  • cooperation with magazines dealing with art, particularly with the Art&Bussines magazine,
  • searching for sponsors and receivers of Pastel Paintings,
  • supporting colleagues participating in important contests and exhibitions,
  • organising pastel fairs and auctions,
  • establishing a Collection of the pastel works of the members of the Association,
  • corresponding with, and gathering information about, important contests and exhibitions organised in our country and abroad,
  • inviting Pastellists from other countries to collective exhibitions, plein-air painting meetings and other events, organised by the Association,
  • cooperation with pastel producers,
  • exchange of information and experience with the Union of Polish Artists and other associations,
  • inviting eminent Pastellists, who are not the members of the Association, to participate in collective exhibitions and plein-air painting meetings,
  • organising plein-air painting meetigs, exhibitions and pastel workshops,
  • social meetings and exchange of experience,
  • participation by representatives of the Association in opening ceremonies, jubilees and other anniversaries